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Board of Trustees

In July 2014, the Board of Trustees of the Lynn Museum & Historical Society voted to add the Director of LynnArts to the Board of the Lynn Museum & Historical Society, the long awaited first step in the affiliation process with LynnArts. In late September we completed the Affiliation with LynnArts and the merger with Lynn Arts became official on October 2, 2014. The merger has resulted in an expansion of our mission and responsibilities. We are now more than a small historical society; we are now a major cultural organization with the potential to be one of the premiere cultural organizations in the area.


The following is a list of the Lynn Museum/LynnArts Board of Trustees:


Joseph E. Scanlon III, President

Steven M. Walsh, First Vice President

Michelle Kane, Second Vice President

Gayle Richardson, Secretary

Steven Babbitt, Treasurer

Seth Albaum, Trustee

Joe Boyd, Trustee

Cheryl Crounse, Trustee

Sandra Forziati, Trustee

Susan Keats, Trustee

Iris Kimber, Trustee, Trustee

Nancy McCarthy, Trustee

Brenda Ortiz-Peral, Trustee

Daniel Richard, Trustee

Pamela Scangas, Trustee