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Lynn at the Great War:At Home and Abroad

"Lynn at the Great War:At Home and Abroad" brings to light how Lynn influenced and was influenced by the events of World War I, both at home and abroad. This exhibit is paired with the Smithsonian poster series, World War I: Lessons and Legacies, which explores the war and its lasting impact on American life at a national level.  


This exhibit, located on the second floor, will remain up through December 2018.


This exhibition features a rotation of images from the Lynn Museum & Historical Society’s photography collection, many of which have never been previously exhibited. Different aspects of Lynn’s history, including daily life, architecture, and events, are highlighted, representing our past, present, and possible future. The pictures seen here are reproductions, enlarged to show detail and scale, and to protect the original photograph from light damage.


This exhibit is permanent, with quarterly rotations of images. Located in our first floor galleries.

FOCUS/FLASH: Snapshots from the Collection

The Postcards of Lynn

In the decades around 1900, postcards were social media, they were e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr, all wrapped into one. This exhibition provides an extraordinary and nostalgic window into the cultural, social, and architectural history of early twentieth-century Lynn and its vibrant neighborhoods. We invite you to explore this exhibition of vintage postcards depicting some of the city’s famous places and spaces in bygone days. We have postcards available for purchase in our gift shop so you can send your very own!


This exhibit is permanent, located in our first floor galleries.

Lynn Legacies

Lynn has a strong history of being the home to amazing individuals, organizations, events, and movements. Click here to see some of those who we have honored in our former Lynn Legacies Hall. This exhibition is now housed exclusively online for our audience to enjoy.


Industry & Craft: People At Work In Lynn

"Industry & Craft: People At Work In Lynn" explores the different industries of Lynn Massachusetts, and shows that the "Shoe City" has contributed to many revolutionizing inventions and the economy. From early productions such as flax and ice to modern day companies like General Electric, this exhibition displays the artifacts of the Lynn Museum & Historical Society and shares the stories of real people at work in Lynn.


This exhibit is permanent, located in our second floor galleries.

Collecting For: The Artifacts of Lynn

What is a museum? Why do museums collect? "Collecting For: The Artifacts of Lynn" features highlights from the collection of the Lynn Museum & Historical Society, and information on the history and evolution of this institution. Explore concepts regarding museum collecting from the earliest "cabinets of curiosities" to modern day museums. Spotlights include our Victorian furniture and decorative arts collection, Abolitionism and collecting to preserve the history of social movements, and historic preservation.


This exhibit is permanent, located in our second floor galleries.

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Welcome to the Lynn Theatre!

During the 20th century, Lynn was known for many things. Shoes, shopping, diners, and beaches were only some of the highlights. Once home to over a dozen theatres and other places of entertainment, Lynn was the place to see a show. Through our photogrpah collection we preserve the memory of these buildings and the joy they brought to their patrons.


This exhibit includes photographs and ephemera from former Lynn theatres, comfortable seating, and a television to watch a film selected by our curator. We also have a small piano that visitors can play, to entertain other visitors to the museum.


This exhibit is permanent, located in our second floor galleries.

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