“Untold Stories: A History of Black People in Lynn” featured on Chronicle
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“Untold Stories: A History of Black People in Lynn” featured on Chronicle



Untold Stories: A History of Black People in Lynn is a “…collaborative exhibit between the Lynn Museum and members of Lynn’s Black community.” This temporary exhibit explores the lives and stories of Lynn’s historic residents, such as Abolitionist Frederick Douglass, and contemporary citizens and activists.


Also on display through February 2022 at the Lynn Museum, Unmasking & Evolution of Negro Election Day and the Black Vote reveals the history of enslaved New Englanders electing their own Black kings and governors as early as 1740. The ceremony is celebrated till this day on the third weekend in July at Salem Willows Park by the organization Salem United.


The Cambridge Black History Project was founded by volunteers wishing to celebrate the city’s long and proud history and the contributions made by its African American residents. Currently, their projects include a self-guided walking tour focusing on African American women in the 19th century.


Airdate: 2/25/2022


Chronicle – WCVB Channel 5



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