Photo Gallery – Final Fridays: Gallery Night
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Photo Gallery – Final Fridays: Gallery Night

Join us on the last Friday of each month for Final Fridays! Each event features a different theme, music, art-making activities, and late-night fun at the Lynn Museum.

Our April program was a Gallery Night, partnering with several arts and culture organizations and creatives for a fun night out.

Galleries at Lynn Arts – The Galleries at LynnArts (GALA) showcased its current exhibit, GREEN (April 7 to May 17). The exhibition showcases artwork that features the color or concept of Green, as inspired by color psychology. The exhibit invited viewers to celebrate the Green Movement by submitting artwork highlighting the color green as a metaphor for saving the environment or a symbol for a sustainable future.

Lynn Music Foundation – Hosted an electrifying night of Hip Hop culture and music at “Grab the Mic,” presented by the Lynn Hip Hop Wall of Fame and hosted by the incomparable Mr. PSA with DJ Slipwax on the 1s and 2s! The event served as an incredible showcase of Hip Hop culture and music and kicked off the Lynn Hip Hop Wall of Fame voting season. This was an excellent chance to have folks come out and support their favorite Hip Hop artists who have made a solid contribution to the culture in Lynn and celebrate their achievements.

Lynn Museum/Lynn Arts – Highlighted their current exhibition, A Place of Inspiration: Images That Capture the Spirit of Lynn, a retrospective of work by Yetti Frenkel. This exhibit showcases Frenkel’s journey in creating a series of images inspired by Lynn.

They also had guest artist ZahirahNur Truth of ZNT Arts lead a fun interactive arts engagement session. Participants created their own mini masterpieces through printmaking with stamps, added illustrative details, and were inspired. Then, they hung their art in the pop-up gallery and posed for a selfie.


Beyond Walls – Hosted an evening of creative community brainstorming featuring Keif Schliefer, a profound artist and professor passionate about building more civic engagement in Lynn through the arts. Keif facilitated creative activities for all ages that honored Lynn and encouraged community input on local public art programs this year and beyond.

Feel free to reach out to for more details.


Funding for Final Fridays has been generously provided by the Creative Cities Grant Program administered by MassDevelopment.



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