Lynn Stories Mural
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Central Square, Lynn, MA
This was a multi-year collaboration between three artists, and includes mosaics created in residencies with students from all of the city’s middle and high schools. Funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the New England Foundation for the Arts. Painted on the LynnArts Building, Lynn, MA.


Photo courtesy of Ted Dillard / The Brickyard Collaborative

Lynn Stories Mural, LynnArts Building
25 Exchange Street, Lynn, MA
Acrylic and glass mosaic 64’x 64′
Team of: David Fichter, Yetti Frenkel, Joshua C. Winer


The Team

David Fichter
David Fichter
Yetti Frenkel
Yetti Frenkel
Joshua C. Winer
Joshua C. Winer

Mural Description

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